Intel Frames @ CES 2014

A 32-computer sculpture and augmented reality app to highlight the power and portability of Intel's Ultrabooks. Visitors used the tablets to write in what activities were better on a tablet or a laptop. Their answers were added to a virtual cloud. This cloud was visible in the center of the sculpture when the visitor looked at it through the tablet. You could see other people adding their responses in real time, and select various responses in the cloud to explore in-depth.

Along the perimiter of the sculpture were physically mounted 32 ultrabooks which would also cycle through people's responses.

I worked as a Developer for this project:

  • Created a method for imaging and configuring ~50 Windows computers
  • Created a system for remote management of all computers
    • Included monitoring hardware and installing, launching, and shutting down applications
    • Used a combination of Powershell, Cygwin, and Bash scripting
  • Assist with troubleshooting and testing Augmented Reality app
  • Integrated system with on-site lighting effects
  • Helped wire sculpture and mount ultrabooks
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