DigiTree @ Louis Joliet

Suspended in two spiral helixes surrounding a living 25-foot iconic ficus tree in Louis Joliet Mall’s center court, the Louis Joliet Digital Tree technology includes 28 high-brightness, 40-inch LCD displays, 40 LED panels and 45 LED colorful tube pendants.

The Louis Joliet Digital Tree lets shoppers and guests engage with technology and each other. People can spend time with friends at seating areas in and around the tree, discovering deals from mall stores, or simply relaxing while listening to soothing park-like sounds.

I worked as a Creative Technologist and Developer for this project:

  • Ensured that the designs were feasible given the technology available.
  • Assembling budgets alongside architects and interior designers.
  • Creating visual and technical prototypes.
  • Staffing for production, which included front-end, back-end, and a CMS.
  • Coordinating and troubleshooting with A/V installers and Fabricators.
  • Overseeing and assisting on-site install.