Rapid Prototyping with HoloLens

The HoloLens is an augmented reality headset. It overlays digital content over your view of the real world. Its breakthroughs centered around mobility and spatial understanding. That is to say it is easy to use away from a desk, and it tracks the environment around you in real time. This allows digital content to stay planted in place in relation to the physical world.

The shell team is responsible for the “desktop” of the HoloLens. That is, how the device works when no other applications are running. This normally includes how app icons are displayed. On desktop the shell will also be responsible for windows management (moving and scaling windows). On mobile the shell team is also responsible for the system keyboard. For holographic computing you need to address all the above and more since your responsibilities range from supporting traditional 2d applications as well as newly-possible 3d apps.

My Role & Responsibilities

I was a rapid prototyper with the shell team. I worked closely with interaction designers to imagine, prototype, and iterate on various scenarios we wanted to address with the product.

My tasks ranged from experimenting with different input paradigms, interfacing between devices, and exploring how developers could put their own holograms in the shell.