Deluxx Fluxx

A pop-up art arcade for Faile and Bast. The cabinets themselves used original hardware from 1985-95 that were covered in posters and paint by the artists. I worked with a number of other developers to translate their visual work and ideas into a set of game-like interactive pieces. Some of the games and cabinets I worked on have been shown:

  • During Art Basel 2013 in Miami Beach, FL
  • During the Edinburgh Art Festival 2014
  • At Faile's exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in 2015

I worked as a Developer:

  • Designing games with Faile, using their artwork as inspiration
  • Retrofitting old arcade cabinets with new controls and wiring
    • Including writing custom Arduino code for unique controls
  • Developing games in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Managing computer configuration and deployment